Werner Rom

VIRTUAL VEHICLE Research Center – Head of the Area “Cross Domain”

His activities focus on pre-acquisition, key accounting/PR & coordination of services with OEMs, project development (mainly European projects), and strategic corporate issues.

Among others, Werner Rom is coordinator of EU-LIVE and of DEWI (“dependable embedded wireless infrastructure”), one of the largest European R&D projects with 58 partners from 11 European countries. Werner Rom is representative at A3PS, the Austrian Association for the Advancement of Propulsion Systems, and also official delegate of the Austrian Standards Institute to ISO JTC1/WG7 on Sensor Networks.

As a PhD physicist Werner Rom has nearly 20 years of experience in international project management in business / industry, research and the public sector, in Traffic Telematics, Electric mobility and in Automotive / Aerospace / Rail Technology as project developer and coordinate on national and EU level.