Welcoming a new approach to urban mobility

European cities are no strangers to the concept of smart mobility. As the overwhelming success of urban transportation solutions shows, commuters enthusiastically embrace new modes of mobility and the EU-LIVE (Efficient Urban LIght VEhicles) R&D project presents a uniquely comprehensive and adaptable solution. Its ground-breaking range of light urban vehicles, featuring specially-developed modular powertrain components, offers new ways of navigating the smart cities of tomorrow.

 Funded by the European Union´s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, EU-LIVE partners believe in “more space for people and less space for cars.” The projects three L-category vehicles (L3e, L5e and L6e) have been designed with this maxim in mind and aim to provide convenient, environmentally-friendly and cost-efficient means of moving around highly-populated and congested urban areas.

The two real demonstrators have already been presented at the TRA in Vienna. The L3e and L5e and show the potential EU-LIVE has in solving future transportation challenges, introducing live audiences to the pioneering modular platform and how it can be adapted for use in different light vehicles. Of course, this could not have been achieved without the collaboration between our partners and the tireless efforts of Virtual Vehicle, EU-LIVE’s project coordinator.