Transport Research Arena (TRA) – Vienna

The largest European transport conference took place in Vienna. The TRA hosted 3.000 scientists and experts, whose discussions focused on digitalisation and decarbonisation of transport systems. One of EU-LIVE´s guiding principle is „more space for people and less space for cars“, which perfectly fits to the „zeitgeist“ of smart cities and the need for smart mobility. 

With the presentation of both, the L5e real demonstrator and the L3e real demonstrator, a milestone for the project was set. The EU transport commissioner Violeta Bulc visited the booth for research projects and selected the EU-LIVE project for a deeper conversation, which was a great honour for the consortium. The radically new L5e vehicle was indeed an eye-catcher at the conference and many fruitful discussions took place during the 4 days´ exhibition. Also the components from the EU-LIVE modular platform (Battery and rear arm with In-Wheel Motor) were presented in the L3e vehicle with an existing exterior design. 

But let the pictures speak for them selves.