SightseeingTaxi Berlin – Jörn Lutter

The idea behind the concept of “SightseeingTaxi Berlin” is a vehicle, that combines the flexibility of a bike rickshaw with the comfort of a conventional taxi. Additionally, it will include the sightseeing aspect of modern “velotaxis”, which are commonly used in western cities.

The “SightseeingTaxi Berlin” will operate as an offer to move between destinations in urban areas with the advantage of being provided interesting information about the significant places and sights of the city. Consequently, this will ensure a decisively greater appeal and will motivate tourists to choose the SightseeingTaxi Berlin instead of a conventional taxi.

The proportions are related to a modern bike rickshaw, with the ability to get access to different transport niches. Despite its low passenger capacity, which is limited to two, the SightseeingTaxi Berlin still keeps up with a regular car, which averagely carries the equivalent number of people. In an advanced development stage the vehicle may also provide the possibility to function autonomously.