During the course of the EU-LIVE project deliverables will be produced in order to disseminate the research findings. This section includes all publicly available deliverables which can be downloaded as soon as they have been officially released by the Commission. 

D1.2 Vertified User Needs, (pdf), 2015

D2.1. Overall Vehicle Requirements, (pdf), 2016

D2.2 Modular Powertrain Requirements, (pdf), 2016

D2.3 Virtual Demonstator Requirements, (pdf), 2016

D4.3 L6e Vehicle Concept, (pdf), 2017

D6.3 Marketing Basics and Website, (pdf), 2015


Press Materials

EU-LIVE Brochure 2018, (pdf), April 2018

Horizon Article (The EU Research&Innovation Magazin), 16. April 2018

Press Release Elaphe In-Wheel Motor for Urban Mobility, en (pdf), 10. January 2018

Press Release Groupe PSA “Groupe PSA designs an electrified light vehicle as part of the European EU-LIVE consortium”, en (pdf), 6. December 2017

EU-LIVE Consortium Regensburg 2016
Photo EU-LIVE Consortium (jpg), 19. May 2016

Presse Aussendung EU-LIVE Winner Announcement, de (pdf), 19. May 2016

Press Release EU-LIVE Winner Announcement, en (pdf), 19. May 2016

Design Contest Winner Concepts, Highres (zip), 19. May 2016

Press Release EU-LIVE Project Launch (pdf), 22. June 2015

Photo EU-LIVE Consortium (jpg), 22. June 2015

EU-LIVE Flyer (pdf), 22. June 2015

EU-LIVE Logos (zip), 22. June 2015