Open Design Contest: Winners Announcement

Having the vision of creating a vehicle that makes the combination of environmental friendliness, urban compatibility and energy efficiency not only a possibility but reality, we initiated an International Open Design Contest. We asked industrial design students and experts in related fields to submit their own ideas of how to implement our project. Its basis is the unique concept of the “EU-LIVE modular platform”. Six high quality L6e concepts were chosen to enter the Redesign Phase from a large number of entries.

We started the design contest by carefully selecting and nominating our jury members based on their previous work and their expertise in the EU-LIVE project.

The jury ultimately consisted of seven highly renowned individuals, six of them members of the EU-LIVE consortium and one external representative from the University of Pforzheim. They contributed their time, effort and knowledge in order to select the most suitable and applicable concepts.

The participants were given only a handful of vehicle requirements, such as outer dimensions, number of passengers and number of wheels, to leave them as much room as possible for a new and unconventional design. A description of a possible future vehicle’s use case was presented to give the designers a feeling for the innovative vehicle concept.

More information on the design contest, the jury and the judging process is available at

We subsequently targeted design universities and design contest platforms. It was a pleasure to see how many good ideas were developed by focusing on more space for people and less space for cars. We are happy to say that the contest was a huge success featuring more than a hundred advanced submissions from which the following six concepts were selected:

  • cityFLEX by Robert Hahn (Germany)
  • Smart Mobility by Hugo Bricout (France)
  • Flexividual by Philipp Schaake (Germany)
  • MODPOD by D´Almeida Automotive (Portugal)
  • Sightseeing Taxi Berlin by Jörn Lutter (Germany)
  • Helix by Roe Design (Australia/Greece)

After announcing the finalists on March 1, 2016, we asked them to redesign their vehicles according to EU-LIVE requirements. During this phase, the participants had to align their designs with a simplified CAD package model, which was individually tailored to each vehicle. Based on the results, we carried out an evaluation process, in which we assessed whether each vehicle meets the exterior dimensions and offers enough space for passengers as well as crash elements and structural components.

Winners Announcement

In April 2016, after a tough evaluation phase for the jury, we finally had the honour to announce the three winning concepts.

More information is available at and

  1. cityFLEX by Robert Hahn (Germany)
  2. SightseeingTaxi Berlin by Jörn Lutter (Germany)
  3. Smart Mobility by Hugo Bricout (France)

We are greatly pleased to reward these three contestants with a prize money as well as to announce the development of the overall winning concept, cityFLEX, into a virtual prototype. This concept will now undergo a feasibility study to ensure a seamless implementation.

We want to express our sincere gratitude to all the jury members, who gave their time, effort and know-how to identify the most outstanding and suitable concepts.

Moreover, a big thank you to all the participants, whose ideas and visions transformed this contest into a significant step forward on the way to an environment-friendly and energy-efficient urban mobility system.