Melissa Kratschmayr at the 25th Aachen Colloquium Automobile and Engine Technology 2016

At the 25th Aachen Kolloquium Melissa Kratschmayr presented the methodology on “Defining User Requirements in Development of Electric L-Category Vehicle”. Traditional product development strategies today involve innovations targeting the customer to be mainly driven by technical advances. Instead, questioning customers on their requirements and needs towards a new product should be conducted as part of the early product development phases.

The Holistic Experience Centered Method (HEC) follows this approach and has been applied in the EU-LIVE project in order to gain valuable knowledge in regard to customers’ requirements towards the new L-category vehicle concept. Focus groups at three different European locations gathered user requirements towards the innovative EU-LIVE concept based on pre-defined everyday situations. The items named by the participants were categorized into user needs feeding into the definition of technical specifications of the EU-LIVE prototype.

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