Major milestones and achievements

Since its inception, the EU-LIVE project has accomplished a series of impressive milestones culminating in the successful development of the advanced modular platform and the vehicle prototypes. The beginning was marked by an expansive research undertaking with the aim of understanding the complex requirements of potential users, which was then swiftly followed by an international design contest that rewarded fresh ideas and unconventional design concepts for the L6e virtual prototype.

The technical features of the light vehicles were informed by a 2016 user needs study conducted in three European countries. Several focus groups, whose participants were carefully selected to represent likely L-vehicle users, were presented with common driving scenarios such as navigating traffic jams, adverse weather conditions and difficult parking situations. From driving performance and comfort to cost-efficiency and eco-friendliness, identifying the respondents’ overall needs was instrumental in developing a range of desirable, user-centred light vehicles.

An open design contest brought together designers and students from the fields of industrial design, transportation design and engineering to submit bold designs for the L6e, an ultra-light vehicle for two passengers that’s supremely suitable for urban commutes. Successfully incorporating requirements such as agility in traffic, modularity and cost efficiency, a highly original concept by transportation design student Robert Hahn emerged as the winner. The futuristic design, supported by a feasibility study, has since been translated into a virtual prototype.

Along with the L6e prototype, the L5e plug-in hybrid electric vehicle and the L3e BEV two-wheeler all take advantage of the highly advanced modular platform developed by EU-LIVE. Integrating automotive and scooter technology in innovative ways, the flexible powertrain system’s components can be used in different configurations. The combustion engine and transmission, battery, advanced in-wheel electric motors and the rear arm all use a combination of custom and off-the-shelf parts to allow for modularization, lower costs and scalability. The L5e and L3e real demonstrators are great real-life examples of mobility solutions which can be tailored to various user needs.