Lutz Fügener

Pforzheim University – Professor of Transportation Design

Lutz Fügener, born in Wolgast near the Baltic Sea, studied two years engineering (basic studies) at Technische Universität in Dresden. In 1989 he transfered to Hochschule für Kunst und Design, Burg Giebichenstein in Halle to study Industrial Design. He finished studies in 1995, graduated as Diplom-Designer.

During his studies in Halle he worked on several transportation design projects and specialized in application of 3D-computer techniques to the design process.

From 1995 to 1996 Lutz Fügener worked for Deutsche Waggonbau AG (today: Bombardier Transportation) on the design projekt new urban railway trains for the city of Berlin („Neue S-Bahn Berlin“). He was responsible for the virtual constituent of the project.

In 1996 he became junior-partner of Fisch & Vogel Design Studio in Berlin (renamed in studioFT in 2004). StudioFT, where he since 1998 is responsible as co-partner, is specialized on transportation design and works for several partners in Europe and Asia.

In 2000 Lutz Fügener was appointed to a professorship in Transportation Design / 3D-Gestaltung at Pforzheim University. He is responsible for the Bachelors Course Transportation Design.