Flexividual – Philipp Schaake

Aiming to take the idea of car sharing to the next level, the idea of “Flexividual” is to enable a seamless switch between using a car, bicycle or public transport and walking.

One of the greatest disadvantages of the vehicles presently used for car sharing is the lack of space necessary to store a significant amount of luggage or a bicycle. Providing a solution for this problem, the “Flexividual” is equipped with a trunk, which can be extended for almost 0.5m, simply by pressing a button. Therefore, the user is enabled to drive longer distances by car and then change to riding his bicycle, just as he would when using public transport.

Additionally, the car has incorporated an outer display. It is up to the user whether he shows the destination of his trip and therefore permits other people heading into the same direction to spontaneously join the ride.

Considering the newest state of technology, the car could be charged through the usage of induction ports, which is expected to become an increasingly spread method of charging electric cars, since it frees the user of the tedious task of opening a cap and plugging in a tab.

Furthermore, “Flexividual” convinces with its integrated solar panel on the top of the car, using the sunlight as an additional power source. The main materials of the car chassis will be carbon fiber reinforced plastics.