Design Contest – 6 Finalists have been chosen, congratulations!

We are excited to announce the finalists of the Redesign Phase, who will continue on in the competition. In respective of the requirements the jury has selected 6 designs among numerous exceptional submissions. The concepts are:

  •    cityFLEX by Robert Hahn (Germany)
  •    Smart Mobility by Hugo Bricout (France)
  •    Flexividual by Philipp Schaake (Germany)
  •    MODPOD by D´Almeida Automotive (Portugal)
  •    Sightseeing Taxi Berlin by Jörn Lutter (Germany)
  •    Helix by Roe Design (Australia/Greece)

The Redesign Phase will end on 30 March, 2016. The overall winning concept will be further developed into a virtual prototype, which will also be used for a feasibility study in the EU-LIVE project. Furthermore there will be a prize money of € 6000 for the first 3 winners (first: € 3000, second: € 2000, third: € 1000)

We keep our fingers crossed for the designers in the Redesign Phase.