CityFLEX – carsharing concept – Robert Hahn

The “cityFLEX” concept is a one + one seater with two driving modes, depending on the roof position. Due to its affiliation with the L-category, the maximum speed of the “cityFLEX” is limited to 45 km/h, which it easily makes up for with its versatility:

In the closed mode of the roof the vehicle proves to be the perfect choice for fast travelling with only few luggage. The second, open mode, on the other hand, transforms the concept into a comfortable city-buggy with either more storage space or a second seat and ensures a fun driving experience.

Only having a length of 2,5m, the vehicle is driven by two wheel hub engines of which the batteries are placed under the storage space in the back of the car.

With its small size and an adapted interior for easy cleaning, the concept can be optimally used for car sharing.