cityFLEX by Robert Hahn

With his futuristic and original concept, Robert Hahn, a young Transportation Design student at HS Pforzheim, was rewarded the first place. The “cityFLEX”, a one + one seater, is convincing due to its flexibility based on providing the opportunity to drive it in an open or closed mode. This concept greatly appeals to potential customer needs by enabling them to freely decide whether they want to store a great amount of luggage or take a second person with them.

The cityFLEX proves to be a multifaceted and practical car, especially when it comes to finding a parking lot in the city. Moreover, the easy-to-clean interior provides the perfect pre-requisite for serving as a car sharing vehicle.

As the overall winning concept, cityFLEX, will be developed into a virtual prototype, which will also undergo a feasibility study to ensure a seamless implementation.