Welcoming a new approach to urban mobility

European cities are no strangers to the concept of smart mobility. As the overwhelming success of urban transportation solutions shows, commuters enthusiastically embrace new modes of mobility and the EU-LIVE (Efficient Urban LIght VEhicles) R&D project presents a uniquely comprehensive and adaptable solution. Its ground-breaking range of light urban vehicles, featuring specially-developed modular powertrain components, offers new ways of navigating the smart cities of tomorrow. read more >>>

Major milestones and achievements

Since its inception, the EU-LIVE project has accomplished a series of impressive milestones culminating in the successful development of the advanced modular platform and the vehicle prototypes. The beginning was marked by an expansive research undertaking with the aim of understanding the complex requirements of potential users, which was then swiftly followed by an international design contest that rewarded fresh ideas and unconventional design concepts for the L6e virtual prototype. read more >>>

An immensely productive partnership

From day one, EU-LIVE has had an ambitious vision: to develop a mobility solution that empowers commuters in the smart cities of tomorrow. Experienced partners from a broad spectrum were sought out to take the project the distance: from major European automotive manufacturers and suppliers to leading research and design companies, each of the consortium’s twelve partners played an important role in bringing EU-LIVE to fruition. Without them, the successful completion of the real and virtual demonstrators would not have been possible within the project’s timeframe.

Meet the partners

A bright outlook for EU-LIVE

In just over three years, the EU-funded research project has achieved significant milestones. EU-LIVE’s real and virtual demonstrators highlight the potential innovative, user-centric and environmentally-friendly light vehicles have in enhancing mobility. The consortium will continue to showcase these at international events, furthering the dialogue on mobility and presenting our messages to new audiences. If you would like to see the L5e live, you will find us at the Paris Motor Show’s Peugeot Scooters booth from October 4th to 14th 2018!

For more details, please contact: eu-live@v2c2.at

Transport Research Arena (TRA) – Vienna

The largest European transport conference took place in Vienna. The TRA hosted 3.000 scientists and experts, whose discussions focused on digitalisation and decarbonisation of transport systems. One of EU-LIVE´s guiding principle is „more space for people and less space for cars“, which perfectly fits to the „zeitgeist“ of smart cities and the need for smart mobility.  read more >>>

EU-LIVE is live at the TRA in Vienna

Shortly before the end of the project, the EU-LIVE consortium is very proud to present both real demonstrators (L3e and L5e) at the TRA – Transport Research Arena – in Vienna. The demonstrators can be seen live from 16th – 19th of April. So stop by and have a look! The L3e demonstrator can be found at the booth of Virtual Vehicle and the L5e demonstrator will have its space at the European Commission booth.  read more >>>

First glimpse of the L5e vehicle

The Groupe PSA has released a press statement on the electrified light vehicle (L5e), as part of the EU-LIVE project. This urban mobility project is funded by the European Commission under the “Horizon 2020 GV5”. The hybrid vehicle is permitted to all roads, with a maximum speed of 130 km/h. It runs in zero emission mode up too 70 km/h, after which it switches to a petrol motor. Its´ modular powertrain can be used on a variety of L-category vehicles, one of the main focuses of the EU-LIVE project. read more >>>

Presenting the new EU-LIVE in wheel motors

It has been another exciting year for e-mobility and many highly innovative technologies have found their way to the EVS 30 “World of Energy Solutions” in Stuttgart and the upcoming eMove360 in Munich. EU- Live is proud to present it’s state of the art EU-LIVE in wheel motors.
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Friday 6th October, Kilometro Rosso Science and Technology Park (Italy)

Brembo, indisputable leader in the brake world, is largely recognized as reliability and safety, design and performance symbol. For several years the company has been engaged in guaranteeing environmental sustainability of its processes and its products. Brembo’s commitment has been translated into tangible research and innovation projects, to which national and European institutions recognized important financial support. read more >>>

F2F Meeting Bergamo

The fifth Face2Face meeting of the EU-LIVE consortium took place in Bergamo, Italy on the 6th and 7th of June 2017. It was hosted by our project partner Brembo, who invited the consortium to the new building of Kilometro Rosso – Science. All core members took advantage of this fruitful live meeting by clarifying as many topics as possible.

Throughout the event, the beneficiaries were updated on the current “status quo” and worked intensely on their joint vision of the future development of the EU-LIVE project. All members of the consortium who attended the meeting participated in each one of the offered workshops. read more >>>

EU-LIVE Open Design Contest: 3D Modelling

In April 2016, the winner of the EU-LIVE Open Design Contest has been announced. The procedure of the evaluation process and its challenges were already reported and described in previous press releases (EU-LIVE News).

So what did happen after the winner was announced? read more >>>

Advantages of virtual vehicle development

Modern vehicles have to follow a set of various requisitions. They have to withstand different environmental conditions without decrease in performance, keep the driver safe (especially in case of an accident), offer comfortable transportation and should be easy to operate as well. An efficient development process is a crucial necessity to meet these targets, especially in a world in which the decrease of the time between idea and serial production of products is gaining more importance. Changing parts of the vehicle development process to a virtual level is an important step to keep up with modern-days product development demands in a progressive customer orientated market.
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Simulation methods and tools used in EU-LIVE

One of the EU LIVE project’s major goals is the design of environmentally compatible L-category vehicles. Within the development process, various simulation methods and techniques are playing an important role, which are nowadays considered valuable tools for vehicle development.
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What happened

One and a half year into the EU-LIVE project, we can already look back onto an extensive list of events for the vivid exchange between our partners and beneficiaries as well as for the global spreading of our project’s messages. We are very proud that we were and are able to cultivate an active and on-going dissemination of information, which represents one EU-LIVE’s major goals. More detailed information about the initiated meetings and conferences, that we had the honour to participate in, can be found below.
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Andreas Schiessl at the VDI Conference 2016 “Smart Cars & Urban Mobility” in Munich

The future of light urban Vehicles: Comprehensive Modularization and Platform Strategy, November 30 – December 1, 2016 in Munich Germany
Speaker: Andreas Schiessl Continental Automotive GmbH, Germany
Co-Speaker: Quentin Gauthier, Peugeot Scooters, France read more >>>

F2F Meeting Aachen

The EU-LIVE consortium came together for the Face2Face meeting in Aachen, Germany. This was the fourth meeting and hosted by fka (Forschungsgesellschaft Kraftfahrwesen mbH Aachen) on the 6/7 of December 2016. In respective to the midterm review it was a very fruitful meeting as all members took advantage of the opportunity to clarify the upcoming work. read more >>>

Stefan Thonhofer at the VDI–Conference “Innovative Antriebe” in Dresden

From 23rd to 24th of November 2016, more than 100 experts discussed innovative propulsion systems and powertrain concepts. Representatives from leading European companies and research institutions (e.g. VW, BMW, AVL, RWTH, VIF,…) gave insights into future technologies, particularly aiming at ecofriendly mobility concepts. read more >>>

Melissa Kratschmayr at the 25th Aachen Colloquium Automobile and Engine Technology 2016

At the 25th Aachen Kolloquium Melissa Kratschmayr presented the methodology on “Defining User Requirements in Development of Electric L-Category Vehicle”. Traditional product development strategies today involve innovations targeting the customer to be mainly driven by technical advances. Instead, questioning customers on their requirements and needs towards a new product should be conducted as part of the early product development phases. read more >>>

Open Design Contest: Winners Announcement

Having the vision of creating a vehicle that makes the combination of environmental friendliness, urban compatibility and energy efficiency not only a possibility but reality, we initiated an International Open Design Contest. We asked industrial design students and experts in related fields to submit their own ideas of how to implement our project. Its basis is the unique concept of the “EU-LIVE modular platform”. Six high quality L6e concepts were chosen to enter the Redesign Phase from a large number of entries.
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What happened

Since the start of the EU-LIVE project at the beginning of the year 2015, we have had the pleasure to cultivate one of the goals comprising the heart of our project which is an active and on-going dissemination of information. To our great joy, we were able to sustain a vivid exchange with our partners and beneficiaries and to spread the message of our project globally, for example by initiating meetings and participating in various conferences, as detailed below:
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